9 weeks to the busiest period for booking holidays

The new year brings the start of peak booking period for holidays

The new year brings the start of peak booking period for holidays

Wow, how time flies!  I cant quite believe we are just a short few weeks from the start of the busiest time of year for booking holidays, that crucial week at the beginning of January when holiday companies all over the UK handle a rush in bookings for the coming season, and families try to secure their first choice of holiday.  Its a time when you really need to have your property looking good and ready online in order to take full advantage of all those people browsing for holidays.

At the last count, there were some 3,533 holiday rental properties in Andalucia listed on Owners Direct, some 3,868 listed on Holiday Lettings, and on Holiday Rentals, there are no less than 6,178 holiday lets listed in Andalucia.  Heck, that´s a lot of competition!

So here are my top 5 key questions that you should be asking about your own holiday rental business:

1) Does my property have a particular appeal? For example, being near a nature reserve might attract bird-watchers, near to nightlife might be great for hen parties, or being by the beach or having space for children to run around might be better aimed at the family market.  If you traditionally have no problems filling school holiday weeks but struggle to get bookings in the shoulder season, then the pre-school family market might be perfect.

2) Which demographic am I aiming for?  Is it better (or cost effective?) trying to attract fairly penny-concious budget families, or would I see a better return on investment by aiming for the higher-end guest?

3) Is my property a good fit for my ideal customer as it is now?  Having identified your market, you need your property to deliver – and crucially this must come across in all of your marketing and publicity.  You need to ask:

4) What impression does my current marketing text give?  Take care on this one, are you really the best person to answer this question or can you get feedback from someone who is impartial?

5) Do my photos help or hinder?  This is the biggie, with so many properties listed you may have only a split second to get the holidaymaker to stop and click on your advert, and the most crucial factor here is the photography.

Part of the consultation work I do with holiday property owners is a thorough assessment of the property and how it is currently being advertised.  We are quite unique in the way we work, and our house owners receive a highly detailed and bespoke strategy report full of advice that can be used across all of your marketing channels.  I cover not only these key questions but many more besides, and if your property is suitable then you can also be listed with Tots to Travel, who have won awards for their expertise in family holidays.

There are just a few short weeks until that crucial new year energy kicks in, and people really get down to the business of booking their jollies, this makes it the perfect time to book a visit with me and together we can get cracking on filling those empty weeks!

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Lindsay has 17 years experience working in the Spanish travel industry, with a passion and flair for helping owners create fabulous holidays, she is the founder of popular holiday rental marketing website http://rentaltonic.com

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